Daily Archives: June 17, 2009

Highway Tickets to Affect Driving Record, Insurance Costs

A Senate committee in Arizona’s State legislature has voted to add points to the driving record of people caught on cameras on Arizona highways.  The insurance industry has been successful in convincing at least some members of the Senate that they’re entitled to raise insurance rates for photo radar tickets.  The justification is that speeders are more likely to cause accidents.  The reasoning ignores the fact that speed limits have been “temporarily” set at an artificially low 55 mph to catch people driving at 66 mph, or one mile over the true posted limit.

A bill to eliminate photo radar in Arizona has stalled in the House so the use of the cameras prevails despite public distrust of the system.

CameraFraud.com has launched a petition drive to put the question of cameras to a public vote.  This latest news will certainly bolster support for their mission.

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