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Maine Bans Photo Radar

Maine has become the 14th state to ban the use of photo radar and red light cameras.  Citing recent studies showing that the cameras actually increase accidents, the nearly unanimous vote in the state’s legislature was based also on violations of civil rights perpetuated by the technology.  The state won’t be enforcing laws concerning cracked windshields and the like either.

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Senate bills to set safer speeds

Three bills introduced in the Arizona legislature which would allow photo radar tickets to be issued only when a motorist drives at 6-11 miles per hour above the speed that 85% of drivers travel on the same roadway.

“It’s what I’ve been saying all along and what the safety studies prove,” said Susan Kayler, author of Smile for the Speed Camera–Photo Radar Exposed! According to her book Kayler has studied speed limits and says that traffic engineers use the speed of 85% of drivers.  “The safest speed is the one that the majority of drivers prefer,” says Kayler.  The studies also show that reducing speed limits after drivers have adapted to a higher speed does not change driving behavior.  “When a speed limit is lowered after a safe speed has been established it serves only to increase the number of tickets and cause people to become antagonist toward police.”

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